Raised Bed Garden Fever

English: Baby swiss chard (seedlings).

Baby Swiss Chard

I’ve never been one to pour over seed catalogs in the spring.  Probably because I’ve never had a vegetable garden at our Ohio home — too much shade.  But it seems that all I can think about is putting in a raised bed garden at our Sharps Chapel, TN home so I can put in some vegetables!  I remember that my mother had a big garden in the 60′s and I have fond memories of that.



Swiss Chard, heirloom tomatoes, leaf lettuce, parsley, cilantro, peppers — that should fit nicely into the 4×8′ space that I am limiting myself to until we move down here full time.  I don’t want to overwhelm myself so that it becomes a chore.  I already did that once when I tried a huge garden at my Dad’s place in Spring Valley — 15 minutes from home, and it got so full of weeds that I just gave up.  Downsize!  That is my strategy this time.

English: Fennel flower heads.


We were at the Farmer’s Market today and that was just fuel for the fire. I saw fennel and was reminded of the Ming Tsai, Simply Ming episode I saw yesterday where he was hilighting the combination of coriander and fennel.  He used it in a Crispy Pita Chips with Fennel Fondue recipe and Chicken Sausage Meatballs on Fennel Rice recipe that I thought I would like to try.  I didn’t buy it because I couldn’t remember what else was in the recipe, at the time.  Now I know.

Also today, Jim and I researched board sizes and fasteners for the raised-bed garden at Menard’s.  2″x10″ seems like a good height.  That will allow me room to “grow” as I add mulch and soil amendments over the years.  I hope to approach our neighbor, Cecil, to see if I can borrow some cow manure.  I can’t wait.

Our main dilemma at this point is how to build a raised-bed garden on a slope, but this article I found should do the trick.   Life is an Adventure!