Old Fashioned Country Store | A. T. Cole Store

A.T. Cole Store on Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel TNA.T. Cole Store on Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel TN

A.T. Cole Store on Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel TN A.T. Cole Store on Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel TN A.T. Cole Store on Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel TNIf you have ever been on Leadmine Bend Rd., perhaps to go to the Ferry or Pickin-n-Grinnin, then you have passed the A.T. Cole store.

I was with several friends, coming back from a soap-making class that Right By Nature was giving and the store was open, so we stopped!

There were four men sitting on the porch, just … [ Continue reading ... ]

Flat Bike Ride | Cumberland Gap to Harrogate TN

IMG_5015 IMG_5014 IMG_5005 IMG_5013 IMG_5006 IMG_5008 IMG_5012 IMG_5011 IMG_5019 IMG_5018 IMG_5020If you like to bicycle ride, but don’t like all the hills around Sharps Chapel, I have some good news for you.  There is a relatively flat bike path starting in Cumberland Gap that is super fun.  Jim and I explored it on foot a few weeks back and had so much fun when we came across the tunnel that … [ Continue reading ... ]

Little Buggers – Mexican Bean Beetle Time

This is my first year to have a garden and I am enjoying it immensely.  It is so fun going out and watching the progress of seeds turning into seedlings, growing into plants, creating blossoms which turn into vegetables and then, of course, picking them!

But lately, I’ve also been picking other things — like little yellow larvae with black … [ Continue reading ... ]

Joe Mullins & The Radio Ramblers | It’s a Small World

Joe Mullins and The Radio RamblersIt’s almost scary how small a world it is.  I learned something in a conversation last week that floored me.  It really seems to happen all the time — especially in Sharps Chapel, but not in Clarksville, Ohio where I am from.

About 10 years ago, I got introduced to bluegrass at an Old Timer’s Day Festival in Xenia, Ohio.  … [ Continue reading ... ]

Etiquette for Our National Anthem | People Do Notice


15-star, 15-stripe "Star-Spangled Banner&...

15-star, 15-stripe “Star-Spangled Banner” flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People Notice More Than You Realize

Over the last few years,  Jim and I have started our own tradition of going to the Appalachian Museum on the 4th of July.  They have a big event on that day that is just a whole lot of fun.  We enjoy the non-commercial atmosphere plus … [ Continue reading ... ]

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