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IMG_3794Hi.  I am Mary Johnson.  My husband, Jim, and I purchased a home in Sharps Chapel, TN in 2010.  We both love the out-of-doors and what better place to experience all that nature has to offer than here in Sharps Chapel TN!  Jim has since retired and we moved here full time in 2014.

Sharps Chapel Living  is a labor of love for me.  I am using the site to document what I feel was and is important to me when I was evaluating whether I wanted to live in Sharps Chapel, TN, what I learned that I needed to know to settle in, and what I am discovering about me and my surroundings as I continue my adventure here in Sharps Chapel as a full-time resident.   My goal is to provide valuable information to make people’s lives more enriched here in Sharps Chapel, and this part of TN, for that matter.  Why am I doing this?  I feel it will provide true value to the community and make it a better place to live, in its own small way.

We want to become an active part of the community and what better way to do that than to share what we learn, as we learn it, about this wonderful place to live.  We’re the newbies and look forward to also learning from you and finding out what you love about Sharps Chapel and Norris Lake, as well.  Please actively comment on our posts and fill us in on additional tidbits that will help all readers get more out of the experiences and advice shared.

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  1. Mary, I have enjoyed looking at your site. Yesterday, my husband and I went to Sharp’s Chapel for the first time. Bill is a direct descendant of Henry Sharp through his son, Caswell Conrad Sharp. We stopped at a local shop on Sharp’s Chapel Road and I asked where was Sharp’s Chapel and she said this was it. I was looking for the home of Jacob Sharp. We found it, but it was behind a posted fence and we really didn’t feel like being shot so we just took a picture and left. I was wondering if the little white church on the right side of the road was Sharp’s Chapel? There were so signs and my batteries ran down on my camera and I didn’t get a picture. If it is Sharp’s Chapel, would you take a picture and post it? Do you know the folks who own the Jacob Sharp home? I think it is called the Bait Ousley home, but it was built by Jacob Sharp and sold/given to his daughter who married an Ousley. Are they making it into a bed and breakfast? Thanks and keep up the terrific site! Kim

  2. Kim, I’m glad you are enjoying my blog. I know which “little white church” you are speaking of and no, that is not “Sharps Chapel”. It is the “Primitive Baptist Church”. I’ll make a point to get a photo of it in the future and try to learn more about it.

    Where are you living now? How is it that you’ve never visited Sharps Chapel before?

    I think you’ll find this trip I took yesterday to “Lost Creek Cemetery” very interesting. It shows the grave markers of Conrad Sharp and Isaac Sharp. Is that the same Caswell Conrad Sharp your husband is descended from?

    The Jacob Sharp home (aka the Bait Ousley home) is no longer going to be a bed and breakfast, according to Julie Graham of the Union County Chamber of Commerce.

  3. Can you please email me. I want to get better directions to sand cave. Next days off, weather decent, my wife and I are absolutely doing this hike. You are welcome to be our guides if you are here and want to go, but otherwise please can I get clear directions.

  4. Hello Mary – what a nice resource for “newbies”! My husband and I have lived in TN since 2005. We love the outdoor aspects of this area too. Though we have lake property in Norris Shores, we don’t anticipate building for a couple of years. I’m hoping you can help me with a question I have regarding the Helms Ferry. I just saw a news report about needed/anticipated upgrades. Do you know the route the ferry takes cars across the water? For example, from where our property is, it’s a straight shot across the water to Big Ridge State Park. I teach high school in Anderson County, which is a few miles from Big Ridge. Is it possible that the ferry runs/docks anywhere near that part of Union County? Or do you know of any information regarding this that I can access on the internet? Thanks for your time!

  5. Hoping you can help. My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a home in Sharps Chapel. I haven’t heard yet from Realtor. Can you tell who the electrical, cable, and phone carriers are who serve the area? What about trash pick up? Is burning allowed or do you have to get a permit.?These are the things that no one talks about but are very important. We are moving from Richmond, In and originally from Lewisburg and Verona so close to where you come from. Tired of the stressors and as you say a CVS on every corner.
    Thank you

  6. I am a descendant of William Miller who gave the land for the primitive baptist church, as a child I went with my grandparents there. Unfortunately, they have both passed, I have been trying desperately to find the location or pics of the church, get close but can’t find it. Can you give the location of the church, I would love to take pics of it, if it is still standing. Thanks

  7. Just wanted to say a thank you, I visited the church today, I was so happy to finally find it. It has probably been 40+ years since I had been there! Thanks so much for your help, it is located about 2 miles on Sharps Ridge Rd, still beautiful!! Thanks again!

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