Job Well Done! Powell River Kayak & Canoe Regatta 2015

UPDATE:   The First Annual Powell River Kayak & Canoe Regatta included 49 boats, a total of 57 participants., and the invaluable assistance of 35 volunteers from the community.

Click here are the Final Race Results:  Final Results Composite


Minutes ago I watched the Kentucky Derby as I sat on the couch babying my sore muscles. The winner was American … [ Continue reading ... ]

Silence is Golden | Retreat at Well Being Conference Center

A few weekends ago, Jim and I attended a silent retreat at the Well Being Conference Center just 8 miles north of Tazewell, TN.

Yes, I said “silent”. We were not supposed to talk after 9:00 Friday evening until noon on Sunday, except for structured sharing sessions each day. We did it, for the most part, and learned a lot … [ Continue reading ... ]

Savings Program at Sharps Chapel Elementary School

citizens-bankI was at Sharps Chapel Elementary School again this morning reading to the kids during their library time.  As I was leaving, I said good-bye to a friendly woman sitting at a small child’s school desk in the main lobby.  But this time I decided to finally stop and find out more about who she was and what she was … [ Continue reading ... ]

Sharps Chapel Post Office – New Hours

Sharps Chapel Post Office

(new hours  effective 2/7/15):

Monday – Friday: 7:30 – 11 and
12 – 2:30 pm
NOTE: closed 11-12 for lunch)
Saturday: 7:30 am – 11:00 am

Times change even in Sharps Chapel, TN — literally.  Our post office has new hours, effective 2/7/15.

There have been some personnel changes also — Cheryl is no longer … [ Continue reading ... ]

Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School

Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School by FCE Sharps Chapel Chapter Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School by  Dewey Decimals Book Club from Sunset Bay Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary School FCE Sharps Chapel Chapter Books Donated to Sharps Chapel Elementary SchoolI’ve never been more proud to be in a group (well, two groups) than I have the two here in Sharps Chapel — all because of an idea that someone had and the enthusiasm of others to pick it up and help make it happen.

The “someone” I am talking about is Debbie Brown — the founder of the Sunset … [ Continue reading ... ]

Mary Starr Cookbook – Search for Local Foodie History

Mary Starr CookbookThis is another story of serendipity where one interesting fact leads to a whole new adventure in pursuing local foodie history.  It all starts with a punch.

A few weeks ago I was offered some punch at a Holiday Home Tour in Old North Knoxville.  It was unusual in that it had Jell-O in it.  That’s when I first … [ Continue reading ... ]

Letters to Santa from Sharps Chapel, TN

Letters to SantaSometimes the littlest things brighten up your day.   Such was the case when I was out walking and saw this darling tiny mailbox filled to the max with letters to Santa.

I have it on very good authority that Santa did pay them a visit — 15 minutes ago to be exact.

Merry Christmas to everyone!… [ Continue reading ... ]

Old North Knoxville Holiday Home Tour 2014

26th Annual Holiday Home Tour

Old North Knoxville Holiday House TourA couple of girlfriends and I headed on a field trip to Old North Knoxville Sunday to get in the holiday spirit.  We had heard about the Old North Knoxville Holiday Home Tour and thought it would be fun to see some other parts of Knoxville other than Market Square downtown.

Old North Knoxville Holiday House Tour

It turns out that … [ Continue reading ... ]

Forest Fires in Sharps Chapel

Wild Land Fires Are a Real Threat to Us All

Last Sunday I was outside working and a fire truck went by around 2:20 in the afternoon.  And then another one.  And another one.  All tolled — 8-9 fire trucks went by, numerous rescue squad units and a bull dozer!  Jim couldn’t stand it any longer and jumped in his … [ Continue reading ... ]

Poinsettias – Pretty in Pink

The Day the Crayons QuitTwo of the women’s groups I belong to this year are donating Children’s books to the Sharps Chapel Elementary School.  I am the main point of contact and I am having a ball reading the books as they are given to me prior to our delivery to the school.

One of the books is called “The Day the Crayons [ Continue reading ... ]

Mary Nicholas Johnson